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What is a Drone Light Show?

Drone light shows are a cutting-edge form of entertainment that combine technology, artistry and creativity to create stunning and mesmerizing displays in the night sky. They use a group of coordinated unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones, equipped with LED lights to perform a synchronized light show that can be customized to suit any event or occasion.

Who we are

We are Pinnacle Drone Light Shows, where innovation, creativity, and breathtaking experiences merge to redefine the possibilities of entertainment.

At Pinnacle Drone Light Shows, we are not only pioneers in drone technology but also storytellers at heart. Our background in film and animation enables us to craft narratives that resonate deeply, making every moment magical.

Immerse your audience in the future of entertainment

High Flying Drone Light Shows

High-Flying large drone shows are large scale, and visuals impressive shows that take place in the outdoor setting and features drones that fly at higher altitudes.

These shows create intricate patterns and visuals in the night sky, making them perfect for outdoor events with ample space and providing a captivating visual experience.

Immersive Interactive Drone Light Shows

Low-Flying drones can perform close to the audience, creating immersive visual experiences within indoor event spaces.

Ideal for sporting events, concerts, and artist performances, our drone show service adds an element of innovation and excitement twist to any occasion.

What makes us different?


No event is too small or too grand. Our drone shows adapt seamlessly to various scales, making them suitable for corporate gatherings or large music festivals. Flexibility is our forte.

Customized Shows

Elevate your event with a tailored drone display, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that your audience will remember for years to come. We understand the importance of personalization.

Drone Show Logistics

Leave the logistics to us. Our comprehensive support covers everything, from meticulous pre-event planning to efficient post-show dismantling. We've got the details covered, so you can enjoy your event without worries.

Crowd-Sourced Event

We understand that your event is unique. Our crowd and sponsor-driven event packages are tailored to meet your specific needs, simplifying your event planning process and ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

Our Own Fleet of Drones

Designing, operating and owning our drones provides us with unmatched availability and the flexibility to adapt to any event requirements. This control allows us to design and execute highly personalized shows, offering a wide range of drone configurations to choose from. With our expertise, we deliver unforgettable, tailor-made indoor and outdoor drone shows, that truly elevate the experience.

Cost-Effective Entertainment

Value matters. Compare the impact and affordability of our drone shows to other options. We emphasize the exceptional value we bring to your events, making every dollar count.

The Making of the Magic

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Behind the Scenes

Thank You

Maintaining the Drones

Joining the Flight Team

Training & Education

Why sponsor a drone show

Illuminate your brand's presence by sponsoring a drone light show, securing strategic logo placements on promotional materials. Be recognized during event announcements and enjoy the ripple effect of social media mentions, ensuring your brand shines brightly. As a bonus, receive complimentary event tickets and the chance to distribute your branded materials, making every sponsorship moment a brilliant celebration of your brand's impact.

Choose from our Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers, each offering unique benefits and brand exposure. Looking for a tailored approach? Custom packages are also available to meet your specific sponsorship objectives and elevate your brand to new heights.

Create your Drone Show

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Consultation and Conceptualization

  • Initial Meeting: We begin with a consultation to understand your vision and requirements for the show. This includes the occasion, scale, preferred themes, and any specific images or messages you want to incorporate.
  • Concept Development: this includes selecting the right type of drone, the number of drones needed, designing formations, and choosing colors and effects that align with your vision.

Design and Programming

  • Choreography: Our team of designers and engineers will design the drone flight paths, ensuring that the formations create the desired images and effects.
  • Programming: The drones need to be programmed to follow the flight path and execute the choreography.

Safety and Logistics

  • Choosing the Right Venue: We'll help you select a suitable venue for the show, considering factors like space, safety regulations, and visibility.
  • Logistical Planning: We handle all logistics, including obtaining necessary permissions and clearances for the event, ensuring that the show complies with local laws and safety standards.

On-site Preparation

  • Setup: Our team will arrive at the venue ahead of time to set up the drones and all necessary equipment.
  • Final Testing: Before the show, we conduct a final test to ensure everything is functioning as expected.

Join us as we unleash the beauty of the night sky with the amazing world of drone light shows!

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