What are the Benefits of Drone Light Shows over Fireworks?

Drone light shows’ technology has come to banish fireworks from all kinds of festivities.

April 18, 2023

Drone light shows’ technology has come to banish fireworks from all kinds of festivities. When I was a child, my family used to spend the 4th of July at UNR Reno to celebrate with a spectacular “Skyfire” show. It was this tradition of telling stories through the language of lights that inspired me to start creating drones light shows. All I desired was to recreate the magic and wonder of lights in the sky as well as to keep the spirit of family and community alive. The flexibility and adaptability of drones allows us creators to let our creativity flow when designing light spectacles, and there lies the magic that makes a moment unique and unforgettable –a feature that fireworks lack.

Drone Light Shows are Reusable

One of the main advantages of drone light displays over fireworks is that drones are reusable. The same drones and propellers may be used on many instances or occasions, which avoids waste generation and air pollution. On the contrary, fireworks can only be used once and generate great amounts of waste and pollution.

Another significant reason as to why being reusable is a positive attribute of drones is that it enhances the standard of cost-efficiency. In other words, not only can drones be reused when the same spectacle is repeated, but also when a new one is created, since drones are programmed to fulfil the needs of each display. Therefore, there’s no need to spend money on new drones to create a new show.

A Drone Light Shows are Safer than Fireworks

Safety is another positive feature that distinguishes drones from fireworks.

This conveys a significant advantage for drones, since numerous accidents that involved fireworks have been reported in events around the world. What is more, the consequences of such incidents have resulted in serious injuries, and even the loss of life. In 2016, 111 people were reported dead and over 300 seriously injured as a result of a fireworks related accident at a temple in Kerala, India. In March 2021, two deaths related to an incident with fireworks were reported in a residential area in Ontario, California. These examples were mentioned to illustrate the ganger associated with the wrong and irresponsible implementation or use of fireworks. Therefore, safety must always be on top of the priorities list for the execution of any kind of display. In this sense, high standards of safety characterize drones light shows, because the risk of explosion is almost non-existent.

Drone Light Shows do not Pollute the Environment

In the 21st century, environmental pollution and degradation has become a major issue around the world.

Drones creating a heart in the sky

The pollution of the natural environment has resulted in the extinction of numerous species of animals and plants as well as deterioration of the condition of habitats in which different species exist. Despite the fact that there are many contributors to environmental pollution, the use of fireworks in ceremonies and events is an approach that has a negative implication on environmental sustainability. One of the main ways in which fireworks contribute to environmental pollution is the fact that such shows culminate into a lot of waste being dumped into natural habitats.

Additionally, fireworks are associated with high levels of noise that might even result or contribute to loss of hearing in some people. However, such negative environmental implications are not associated with the use of drone light shows. This is because drone light displays are silent and are also not associated with any dangerous emissions that might be detrimental to environmental safety and hygiene. This implies that the growing popularity of drone light displays will have beneficial long-term implications on the natural environment because of the little negative impact associated with such shows during events and ceremonies as well as indoor gatherings.

Drone Light Shows Have More Color Combinations

The fact that drone light shows have more color combinations is another significant advantage compared to the use of fireworks. More than 4 million color combinations can be achieved when drone light shows are being executed. This is an outcome that cannot be achieved with fireworks. It implies that the standard or level of entertainment associated with drone light shows is significantly higher compared to the reliance on fireworks.

Example of drone light show

The numerous color combinations also imply that drone light displays can be applied in numerous settings and situations depending on the specific needs and requirements of an event or ceremony. Such modifications are difficult to achieve when it comes to the application of fireworks. In view of such perspectives, it is therefore evident that the numerous color combinations characterizing the framework of using drone light shows is a significant benefit as compared to fireworks.