Maintaining the Drones

At Pinnacle Drone Light Shows, our commitment to safety is unparalleled. We not only exceed FAA standards but also empower our team with a 'stop-the-line' policy, ensuring a proactive approach to identifying and resolving potential safety concerns.

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Our unmatched safety standards program

At Pinnacle Drone Light Shows, we proudly exceed FAA standards for drone safety maintenance, maintenance records, and vehicle upkeep through our advanced use of desktop and mobile technology. Our systems meticulously maintain records and capture images, ensuring a detailed service history for each drone. We enforce a rigorous maintenance schedule for every drone, exceeding the basic requirements set by the FAA.

Empowering Safety

Our safety culture is proactive, with a "stop-the-line" policy that empowers all flight team members to report potential safety issues. This is supported by a swift escalation process for immediate categorization and resolution of concerns, ensuring that safety is paramount. We also provide in-house training for our technicians, fostering expertise in drone repairs and maintenance to guarantee the highest operational standards.

Ensuring technical excellence

Every outdoor show is staffed with a certified UAS technician, ensuring technical excellence and immediate problem-solving capabilities. Additionally, we uphold a strict regimen for maintaining and calibrating the hardware and software of our drones. We perform comprehensive flight checks on all drones at least once a month, certifying their airworthiness and readiness for flight. This diligence ensures our drone light shows are not only spectacular but are also conducted with an unwavering commitment to safety and reliability.

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