Learn How We Set Our Shows Up

step by step

Creating a drone light show involves several steps, including:

step one: Conceptualization and Planning

This involves determining the theme, timing, and sequence of the light show. You'll need to decide on the number of drones to use and the desired patterns to be created.

step two: drone selection

You need to select the right type of drone for the show. Consider factors like flight time, payload capacity, range, and maneuverability.

step three: coreography

This is the process of creating a synchronized flight path for the drones. You need to design the flight path, altitude, and speed of the drones to create the desired shapes, images, and patterns

step four: programming

The drones need to be programmed to follow the flight path and execute the choreography. You can use drone-specific software to program the flight paths and create the visual effects.

step five: rehearsals

Before the actual show, you need to conduct several rehearsals to ensure that everything works as planned. This will help you identify and fix any issues with the drones or programming.

step six: safety

Safety is critical when it comes to drone light shows. Ensure that the drones are in good working condition, and all safety protocols are followed.

step seven: performance

During the performance, you need to monitor the drones to ensure that they are following the programmed flight path and choreography correctly.

step eight: post-show

After the show, you need to collect the drones and equipment, review the performance, and make improvements where necessary.